Discounts for LEAH Members

Members of Loving Education At Home have access to a number of discounts and benefits.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

Home School Legal Defense Association

LEAH members receive a discount of nearly 20% on membership with the Home School Legal Defense Association . For your own legal protection as you homeschool (in addition to many additional benefits), LEAH highly recommends membership with HSLDA. Click on the HSLDA logo for more information.

Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy

New York State utility laws require that most local gas and electric utility companies provide their customers with a choice of where their energy originates.  (Your local utility just delivers the energy to your house.)  Ambit Energy is now available in most parts of New York as a fully-approved supplier of gas and electric.  By choosing Ambit Energy as your energy supplier, you will save at an introductory rate of 7% compared to your utility’s own energy sources for the first two months, and then you are guaranteed a 1% savings per month thereafter.  Ambit claims to be the only energy supplier that guarantees savings to its customers.  Furthermore, if you join Ambit through the links on this page, LEAH will receive a small rebate to help fund its homeschooling support activities.

LEAH Regulatory Guide 
The LEAH Regulatory and Informational Manual contains most everything you need to know about how to satisfy the legal requirements for homeschooling in New York.  LEAH members receive a 25% discount.

Conference Discount

LEAH Members receive a discounted admission to the Annual LEAH  Homeschool Conference held in Rochester.