What is PICC LEAH?

PICC LEAH is special needs support and resources available to LEAH member families who are homeschooling children with special learning needs.

What does PICC LEAH consider a child with special learning needs?

A child with special learning needs is a child who has a condition (labeled or not) that causes them to have a learning struggle. Struggles can be big or small, physical or mental, or a combination of any or all of these.

Who can access PICC LEAH?

PICC LEAH is accessible to any current LEAH member family homeschooling a child with special learning needs in New York.  LEAH Parents’ homeschooling a child with special learning needs are welcome to contact PICC LEAH. We serve members who have children with a wide range of conditions (ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Blind – Vision Impaired, Dyslexia, Learning Disabled – Learning Differently, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hearing Impaired, Speech Delay, PDD-NOS, etc).

How do you access PICC LEAH?

LEAH members can access PICC LEAH resources and support through the LEAH Special Needs Coordinator via email at picc@nysleah.org or via phone 1-866-960-9440 ext. 3. LEAH membership will be verified.

If you are not a LEAH Member, you can join LEAH by clicking http://www.leah.org/get-connected/ and contacting the LEAH Regional Representative for your area of NY.

What resources are available through PICC LEAH?

LEAH Members may request a PICC LEAH Support and Resources Packet with information on resources listed below from the LEAH Special Needs Coordinator http://www.leah.org/parents-instructing-challenged-children/contact-picc/).

   1.  The PICC Lending Library
The PICC Lending Library contains a wide variety of books, audio and video tapes, CD’s, CD-ROM’s, DVD’s, and small therapy items which can be borrowed for a small fee.

  2.  PICC Confidential On-Line Yahoo Group
The PICC Confidential On-Line Yahoo Group is by invitation ONLY! Its purpose is to provide LEAH members with 24/7 support including Special Education Notifications, regulatory issues, Homeschool reminders, warnings, helps, tips, resources, special needs homeschool Q&As, etc.  A LEAH family can request an invite to join this group from the LEAH Special Needs Coordinator (http://www.leah.org/parents-instructing-challenged-children/contact-picc/). This on-line group is confidential and cannot be found via a search of Yahoo Groups.

    3.  The Listening Program® by Advanced Brain Technologies
LEAH members may purchase The Listening Program® (http://a.advancedbrain.com/tlp/products.jsp) or access it through the PICC LEAH Lending Library on a first come first serve basis. Families are encouraged to support PICC LEAH by making a suggested donation of $75 to LEAH for PICC LEAH to support this ministry. *Eligibility rules apply.

    4.  Learning Ears® by Moyers Learning Systems
LEAH members may purchase the Learning Ears® Program (www.moyerslearningsystems.com). This is an ear-voice training program that especially beneficial for children with phonemic awareness problems. This program is done in conjunction with The Listening Program®. *Eligibility rules apply.

   5.  Test of Auditory and Visual Skills® (TAVS) by Advanced Brain Technologies
TAVS is a formal norm referenced screening tool for assessing low level auditory and visual processing skills that are well understood to be vital for the higher development of phonological awareness, speech, reading, memory, attention and other areas. TAVS can help parents better understand the challenges that their students may behaving within the classroom and then seek appropriate intervention(s) that can help their student(s). This testing is available by appointment only. Families are encouraged to support PICC LEAH by making a suggested a donation of $30 for the TAVS Quick Screen or $50 for the TAVS Full-Screen to LEAH for PICC LEAH to help support this ministry. *Eligibility rules apply. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact the LEAH Special Needs Coordinator (http://www.leah.org/parents-instructing-challenged-children/contact-picc/).

   6.  Special Needs Homeschool phone, SKYPE, and email support

   7.  PICC LEAH Academic Enrichment Programs that award certificates to participating LEAH students.

   8.  NY Special Needs Provider Database
PICC LEAH maintains a database of homeschool friendly NY special-needs service providers.

   9.  Special Needs Workshops via SKYPE 
PICC LEAH can provide Special Needs Workshops via SKYPE to local LEAH chapters.

Please consider making a donation any amount to LEAH designated for PICC LEAH to help continue this ministry to Special Needs Homeschool Families in NY by clicking DONATE ONLINE (https://leah.webconnex.com/supportLEAH ).