Join Downstate LEAH’s Summer Reading Program

You must be a Downstate LEAH member family to participate- membership will be verified.

Eligible Participants: Ages 4-18 years
Program Dates: July 1, 2013 through August 15, 2013

Program Rules:

  • Choose 4 of the missionaries listed on the YWAM Christian Heroes Map and read a book about each one. (Child can read independently or can be read to.)
  • Completion of 4 books earns 1 contest entry. An additional contest entry can be earned for every 2 more Christian hero books read. Limited to 3 entries per child.
  • Upon completion of your summer reading, please print, fill out and e-mail the Downstate LEAH 2013 Summer Reading Log that appears on page 2 to Michele White at by August 15, 2013. Please fill out the entire sheet; your LEAH membership will be verified. You can scan and email this form back or you can just provide the entry information in the body of an email. If all information on the log is not provided, your entry will be invalid. Please fill out one log PER child.
  • One winner from each age group (ages 4-7, ages 8-12, ages 13-18) will be randomly selected on August 31, 2013 and various prizes will be awarded and mailed to the winners.

Suggested books for older children:

YWAM Christian Heroes: Then and Now series

Suggested books for younger children:

YWAM Heroes for Young Readers series

You are not limited to using only YWAM books. Feel free to choose any book you like, as long as it is about one of the 39 Christian heroes listed on the YWAM Christian Heroes Map. If you’re having trouble finding books, check out your local library  (public and church).

For additional activities on these Christian heroes, visit the YWAM Heroes Series – Bonus Materials web page for several age appropriate fun activities for many of the heroes.

Happy reading and we hope to hear from you soon

Michele White

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