HIS Archers of Shortsville, JOAD
Membership Application
Winter Session, 2014


Who may join this club?  LEAH families, LEAH Home Instructed Students (HIS)

What ages may shoot?  Ages 8 to 18 (Parents also)

Can parents shoot also?  Parents of LEAH students may shoot, but their primary attention will be to their own children who attend each meeting. Parents are subject to the fees also.

Where does HIS Archery meet?  Jim’s Pro Shop, 4885 New York 96, Shortsville, NY 14548

Collection of fees:  Club fees are $54/student plus Club membership – $10/student, but is good for two sessions…Fall and Winter Sessions.  Winter sessions begins in January.  There are no discounts for sessions you cannot make due to a conflict

Parents involvement: At least one parent shall be in attendance at each session. Moms are very important. Fathers, though we are very busy, must make it a priority to be present for this kind of activity.  Fathers/Moms are encouraged to shoot archery with their children who are members of the club. Range fees for the parents are on a per session basis ($6.00 for father/mother), but not so with the Student-Archer.

What are the instruction session dates? (Always on a Friday night)  6:15 – 8:45 pm

Winter Session:   Sept. 5, 12, 19, 26
Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Equipment/tackle:      Members often start out with no equipment. This is normal! As your child becomes familiar with archery and begins to show a lasting interest, then, perhaps purchase bows and arrows and other accessories. Until this happens use the club’s equipment.

May non-LEAH friends attend and shoot? Can attend but may not shoot. Membership has its privileges.

Injuries while shooting:   Parents take full responsibility for the welfare of each of their children while attending/shooting at Jim Crane’s archery range. Jim Crane and Mike Holbein will not be held liable for any accidental injury. The NAA no longer has insurance to cover injuries while at the range. Parental initials here please: ____________

Devotions at each session:   All His Sports events begin each session with a short devotion that lasts 15 minutes or so. Fathers take turns delivering devotional messages. A sign up sheet will be posted at the first session.

Many hands make light work:   Though there is a great deal of work associated with setting up and taking down…when everyone helps with this the work, it goes quickly.

Keep the first page for future reference. Fill out the application and mail it to:

Mike Holbein, 320 State Rt. 21, Palmyra, NY 14522-9300 Questions call Mike

585-278-0065 You may email Mike also: mikedi5@rochester.rr.com


His Archers of Shortsville, JOAD
Membership Application
Fall Session, 2014


Father’s name ___________________________________________________________


Mother’s name __________________________________________________________


LEAH Chapter we have membership with _____________________________________


Preferred email address ___________________________________________________


Best phone #  _____________________________


Archer’s name _____________________________________ age as of Jan.  ______


Archer’s name _____________________________________ age as of Jan. ______


Archer’s name _____________________________________ age as of Jan. ______



Membership fee: $10/archery student covers fall and winter semesters. Please remit this fee with the application. Cash only please!

Range Fee: $54/archer covers the winter semester only. This fee may be paid at the door on September 5. Check made out to: Jim’s Pro Shop

Membership Fee total                                                                                   $______

Range Fee total                                                                                                $______

Scholarship assistance (donation)                                                          $______

Total amount sent with application                                                        $______


Mike Holbein’s email address is: mikedi5@rochester.rr.com or bring it with you at the first session. One way or another signing up early helps with our preparation.


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