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LEAH Member:

Legislative Day in Albany, NY is scheduled this year for April 25th with a pre-event in the evening of the 24th at Downtown Albany Holiday Inn Express.

We could really use former LEAH homeschool stories … If you know a graduate and could email us a picture of them in their work environment, at their graduation, or with their elected officials along with a short bio on them this would be great! Looking to post them at the capital on legislative day for homeschoolers.

To register and to see the tentative schedule please click the link below:

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Looking for

  1. STEM booths
  2. Youth Teams and Leaders to help with position papers
  3. Pictures and bio of graduates
  4. Volunteers who might be willing to come to Albany on Tuesday or Wednesdays periodically throughout the legislative session.

Stay in touch!

Michael & Carolyn Bailey

NYS LEAH Legislative Liaison