A New Bill to Protect Parental Rights to Home Educate! Bill S4788

A New Bill to Protect Parental Rights to Home Educate! It establishes procedures related to home instruction to assist school authorities (superintends) and the parents.
NYS LEAH supports S4788

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Dangerous New Treaty Submitted to US Senate for Ratification

A UN treaty, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has just been submitted to the United States Senate for ratification. Although it sounds noble and carries with it apparent good intentions, it is in fact a very dangerous treaty should the US ratify it.

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Senate Bill Would Give CPS Vast New Powers

NY Senate Bill 1669 would allow any Child Protective Services (CPS) representative to obtain an immediate warrant to enter an individual’s home if that individual, who is the subject of a CPS investigation, refuses to a meeting or a home visit with the CPS caseworker.

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Court Victories Announced

Tuesday, April 20, was a red-letter day in New York homeschool history for which we can give God the glory. Both the Cressy family and the Tolan family were in court to answer charges involving the homeschooling of their children. In both cases, the respective judges dismissed all charges against the families. Both judges questioned out loud why these cases were even in their courtrooms in the first place.

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Latest Legal Update

Latest updates on the legal/legislative situation in New York, including the Tolan family who have been charged with education neglect and faulty paperwork.

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Updates on Recent LEAH Alerts

S4779B vaccine bill seems to be stopped for now; favorable developments in Cressy case, but prayer still needed; Tolan family remains under great threat from CPS and needs continued prayer.

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Proposed Law Would Allow Doctors and Nurses to Treat and Vaccinate Your Child Without Your Consent

New York Senate Bill S4779B and its companion, New York Assembly Bill A6702C, would allow a doctor or nurse to give a potentially dangerous vaccine, without your consent, to your child for the prevention of a sexually-transmitted disease. The bill is worded such that a girl as young as nine years old would be given the Gardasil vaccine during a routine office visit to your doctor if your doctor thinks it is best for your child. Many people continue to have questions about the safety of the Gardasil vaccine.

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