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From The Pages of The Messenger – Article by Gregg Harris

Gregg Harris will be in Fulton NY on Oct 18th & Patchogue on Oct 25th

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Letter From The Editor, The Messenger – May 2014 (Conference issue)

Conference season is my favorite!
Read on to learn why and why you should attend!

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The Messenger’s Summer Photography Contest Photo Tips

Photos tips from Jeremy Shugars
Hope to see your photos in our inbox!

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Hope In A Sump Pump by Peder Eide

From the pages of The Messenger
February/Winter 2014 issue

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LEAH Newsletter Flashback – 1989

LEAH Newsletter – July 1989
Looking back as we celebrate 30 years as LEAH!

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Lessons from a Bed & Breakfast

Recently, we stayed in a Bed & Breakfast while visiting our son in Vermont.

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Why We Come Together

There it is. The reason we come together.

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Finishing: The Final 30!

My son just graduated from home school high school at age 16! Wow! Years ago I never thought this day would come but here I am and it seems like it was just yesterday when I started homeschooling. As we approached this final year I promised my son that I would run thirty laps around our backyard when he was done all his major subjects for the year. That number comes from how old I was when he was born when the “Trip of a Lifetime” began! I ran my mini-marathon on the day before Resurrection Day, Easter, a day signaling a new beginning. I thank God for sending his Son, Jesus, for without Him there is no hope in the future. As I ran I contemplated the thirty greatest things that have impacted in my life, how I raise my family, and home school, the good, the bad, and the ugly. For many of these things, the question arose, “Why did they happen?” There was no answer. I take comfort in knowing that there is a purpose and a reason for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8), whether we understand it or not. Over the years I have seen my child’s struggles turn to successes and his failures into triumphs. I could not have done all that I have nor be the person I am today without the people and events in my life that came before. I am thankful for each of them, the good, the bad, and […]

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…may the Lord Jesus minister grace and blessing to you….

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Only Believe

“Be anxious for nothing…”
Devotional from Elizabeth Hugo

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